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Pharmacy Services in Hull

Ray Hall provides award-winning confidential pharmacist advice and pharmacy services in Hull, including: medicine advice and prescription drugs; methadone (for heroin and other drug addictions - methadone is dispensed using Methameasure) and drug and alcohol addiction counselling; smoking cessation counselling; animal and veterinary medicine; contraceptive advice including the morning after pill and missed contraceptive pill advice; and sexually transmitted disease (STD) or sexually transmitted infections (STI) testing and advice, including a chlamydia test.

Raymond C. Hall pharmacy also offers a range of other testing services including: blood pressure monitoring, diabetes screening and monitoring, cholesterol, urinary tract infections (UTI), pregnancy test, advice, and information; asthma support and treatment; head lice treatment; and weight loss advice and products. The Hull pharmacy also stocks natural, aromatherapy, alternative, complementary, homeopathic therapies, remedies, and products - and can advise on their use.

Other Hull Pharmacy Services

The pharmacist in Hull also provide the following pharmacy services:

  • symptoms and medication advice
  • prescription delivery and information
  • prescription collection
  • medicine disposal
  • travel health information and advice

Stop Smoking in Hull!

If you want to stop smoking, Raymond C. Hall can help you quit with smoking cessation counselling. Nicotine replacement therapy increases your chances of quitting. Discuss smoking cessation with your pharmacist, Ray Hall.

Looking for a Pharmacy or Chemist in Hull?

If you are looking for pharmacies in Hull, a Selles pharmacy, Tesco pharmacy, Moss pharmacy, Boots the Chemist, Lloyds pharmacy or Alliance pharmacy in Hull - why not try Raymond C. Hall pharmacy? - an award winning Unichem Community Pharmacy. The Raymond C. Hall pharmacy in Hull is situated on Beverley Road, near Hull University. Customers visit us from Newland Avenue (Newland Ave), Cottingham Road, Hull University, Clough Road, and the surrounding areas.

Pharmacy Opening Hours in Hull

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Raymond C. Hall Pharmacy Services in Hull - near Hull University.